NSI Fracturing engineers have worked for oil companies or service companies in reservoir engineering, fracture design/implantation before becoming an NSI Fracturing consultant. NSI Fracturing engineers will perform a full evaluation of a formation using a well log, well test data, cores, pressure transient data and all reservoir data and the end result would be an optimum frac design for the formation and wellbore.

Fracture Design

Using all the reservoir data, NSI Fracturing engineers use the fracturing software StimPlanTM developed by NSI Technologies to develop an optmum fracture design. StimPlanTM is a state-of-the-art PC software package that includes a complete data handling & analysis (both “real time” and post-job), multiple fracture geo¬metry models, 3-D numeric reservoir simulation, and economics. StimPlanTM generates fracture optimization, design, and stimulation post appraisal reports. NSI Fracturing engineers have over 100 years experience in fracture design/implantation and Qa/Qc of frac jobs all around the world.


NSI Fracturing engineers have worked all around the world from the high stress environments and high temperatures of the Australian outback to the soft rock frac packs in the Gulf of Mexico to Western Siberia in Russia to the Middle East and Africa to offshore Africa and North Sea as well as North and South America. NSI Fracturing also has experience in fracturing in the shale plays as well as the tight gas plays and horizontal wells in North America.

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