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NSI Fracturing LLC was formed in September 2008 and is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Oklahoma. This company was formed as an off-shoot of NSI Technologies, Inc. which was founded in 1984. William K Miller II was co-founder and officer of NSI Technologies and is now President of NSI Fracturing.


NSI Fracturing focuses mainly on Fracture Stimulation Consulting and related specialties, e.g. Pressure Transient Analysis. NSIF continues a relationship with NSI Technologies (mainly now focused on software development and training) and Britt Rock Mechnics Laboratory (frac related lab studies).


Currently NSIF has five consulting engineers that have a combined experience of over 100 years in the Oil & Gas Industry with most of it in hydraulic fracture related activities. NSIF engineers have worked on stimulation projects throughout the world including unconventional tight reservoirs (sands, shales, CBM) to high permeability offshore treatments. NSIF consulting includes optimization, design, QA/QC, execution, and post-appraisal. Also, NSIF engineers have worked on various field-wide studies.

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