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William K. (Bill) Miller II

Fracturing Consulting Services William K. (Bill) Miller II was the co-founder and an officer of NSI Technologies where he spent 24 years. He is also the founder and President of NSI Fracturing. Before joining NSI Tech, Bill spent 2 years with Halliburton and 5 years with Amoco Production Co. in E. Texas and the Tulsa Research Center. Miller’s experience includes optimization, design, execution, and post-appraisal of fracturing treatments. This includes having worked with Mike Smith and Ken Nolte to prove up the early fracturing related pressure analysis, vast experience in Tip-Screenout Fracturing since its’ inception, and work on a number of unconventional tight and high permeability reservoirs. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University (BS-Petroleum Eng) and has authored numerous fracturing related papers.

Larry K. Britt

Fracturing Consulting Services Larry K. Britt is an engineering consultant and owns and operates Britt Rock Mechanics Laboratory at the University of Tulsa. Prior to joining NSI Britt was the fracturing team leader at Amoco’s Technology Center charged with managing the development and application of fracturing technology for their worldwide operations. Britt is a Distinguished Member of the SPE, has twice served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, as a JPT editor, and on numerous SPE Committees. In addition, Larry has authored over forty technical papers as well as co-authored the SPE Primer on the “Design and Appraisal of Hydraulic Fractures.” Larry has a B.S. in Geological Engineering and a Professional Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology where he is an adjunct professor, a member of both the Petroleum Department and Engineering Advisory Boards, and a member of the Academy of Mines and Metallurgy.

Ron Vandersypen

Fracturing Consulting Services Ron Vandersypen spent 20 years of his career working at the Amoco in Lafayette, La., New Orleans, La., Tulsa, Ok., Lake Charles, La. and Houston, Tx. His primary focus was on completions but he also worked in the fracturing group while in Tulsa and aided in collecting data in East Texas Cotton Valley tight gas sands to prove the Nolte-Smith plot. He joined NSI in 1995 and has performed hydraulic fracturing around the world. Ron’s experience includes the optimization, design, and execution of fracture stimulations. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS In Petroleum Reservoir Engineering.

Jack R. Jones

Fracturing Consulting Services Jack R Jones spent the first 15 years of his career working at the Amoco Research Center in Tulsa. His primary focus there was on well testing and gas reservoir engineering problems but he also worked in the fracturing, petrophysics and simulator development groups. When this institution was closed in 1997, he began a series of expatriate assignments in Trinidad and Canada. He served as the lead reservoir/petroleum engineer on the Mahogany, Cannonball and Mango gas development projects in Trinidad and held the same role in the Tight Gas Exploitation Team in Canada. In 2002 he was named a BP technical advisor for gas reservoir engineering and filled this role in both the BP Trinidad and BP Canada offices. He retired from BP in 2009 and joined NSI Fracturing as an reservoir engineering consultant. He earned B.S and M.S. degrees in Mathematics and a Ph.D. In Petroleum Reservoir Engineering. He has co-authored 28 papers and one book.

Ed Lewis

Fracturing Consulting Services Ed Lewis has been with NSI Fracturing, LLC since April 2009. Since graduating from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL), he has spent his time with BJ Services, OSCA, Inc. and Baker Oil Tools, before joining the NSI team. In this span of service companies, he has held various positions including, Fluid Engineer, Field Engineer, Electronic Technician, Equipment Operator and Frac Supervisor. His operational experience is a plus to NSI Fracturing’s customer base where watching over frac packs in remote locations is required. Ed’s experience in fracturing spans from the Gulf of Mexico, to south Louisiana and Texas, as well as, the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa.

David C. Orsak

Fracturing Consulting Services David C. Orsak has over 25 years of experience working in frac operations and frac vessel supervision and offers consultation in areas related to hydraulic fracturing in the Gulf Coast and international fields. Since 1994, he has gained successful experience working in lead operations and vessel supervision for Baker Hughes. He was selected for Baker Hughes' Management - Team Leader Program and assisted in the planning and implementation of 2 state-of-the-art frac vessels. His experiences also deal with a wide variety of pumping operations including acidizing, HRWP, horizontal wells, gel fracing, and multi-zone systems. In addition to attending Texas State Technical Institute, he has attended schools for well control, fluid pumping, gravel packing, hydraulics, horizontal systems, acidizing methods and design, advanced well bore, and advanced frac and stimulation.
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